i’m the person behind the camera

I’ll guide you through the entire process

I take my work seriously, but that doesn’t mean I take myself too seriously. I’ll always help you feel comfortable during photos, which, yeah, sometimes means acting a little goofy. I guide you with prompts, but always follow your lead. I honor the fact that you’re showing me your true self by always showing up as myself too.

The best images are the ones that make you feel. It’s a big deal that you’re inviting along, and I can't wait to document your day.

chat with me


The easiest way to get to know each other a bit is a phone call. I want to hear about what you have planned so far. I will help you understand what your needs will be on the wedding day, and get to know a little bit about your relationship. We’ll get a feel for whether or not we’re a match, and if documentary photography is your style.


Many of my couples include an engagement session or couples session. This is where you get comfy with the way that I shoot, and I gain an understanding of how you interact naturally around one another. This is a secret weapon to giving you wedding photos that look like yourselves and letting you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I love getting to know the ways that you would normally touch / embrace / interact so that its second nature come wedding day.


I’m here to help you and/or your planner during every step of wedding planning. Whether you need guidance with your timeline or help with the design process, I’m here to assist! About a month before the wedding, you’ll complete your pre-wedding questionnaire and we’ll schedule our final phone call to go over this together and lock in any last minute details.


I know how much work goes into planning every single detail of a wedding. I love to get a mix of details in action without spending too much time away from the candid moments of your loved ones. If the dress and invitation shots aren’t a priority for you - don’t sweat it. We will go over what matters most to you during your pre-wedding meetings, but you can rest assured that you’ll have photos of it all.


Group photos with me are a breeze. I’ll have a detailed list of all of the group photos compiled after our final meeting, so this part of the day can run smoothly and quickly. I am detail oriented and understand how important these photos are for documenting families - but there’s no need for this to take hours. You can plan for both of these sets of photos to take less than 30 minutes.


After I pack up my things and we head out for the evening, you can expect sneak peeks within 2 weeks. You can expect your full gallery 6-8 weeks after your wedding day, and if you ordered an album, the design process begins here.